Chivo Taqueria logo and interior

Chivo Taqueria

At Chivo, we grind our own flour from local, non-GMO white dent corn, combined with other heirloom variety corn sources directly from a Mexican cooperative.

The Brass Pearl logo and interior

The Brass Pearl

It’s pretty simple. We love oysters. We have visited a wide variety of raw bars all over the world.

Stock & Barrel - Nashville logo and interior

Stock & Barrel - Nashville

Our goal in creating this restaurant is to design a quality burger location that is driven by the Knoxville community using fresh, local ingredients in all our menu options.

Stock & Barrel - Knoxville logo and interior

Stock & Barrel - Knoxville

Our restaurant implements a farm-to-table concept where we work with farms and businesses around the Knoxville area to promote local economic sustainability within the community.


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35 Market Sq
Knoxville, TN